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Mark 5: 22-34
Chapter 5 resembles a disaster area, or a war zone with casualties.
It is the picture of a doctor's view as he surveys the casualties.
There is:

1) A Demoniac man who needs a great Psychiatrist
2) A Diseased woman who needs a great Physician
3) A Dead girl who needs a great Pediatrician

What a battleground scene we have with the demonized, diseased
and dead. But, coming on the scene the great Physician, Psychiatrist,
and Pediatrician. His name is Jesus. In this message, we will
look at the diseased woman in need of a great physician.


A) She was sick (vs 25) "issue of blood"
the word "issue" denotes "hemorrhaging", or flowing of blood. We
are not told where. She had had this condition for 12 years. She must
have looked like "walking dead". Her condition rendered he anemic
and weak. The word "plague" in vs 29 means "whip". This condition
simply whipped her constantly day in and day out. There is a great
picture of a lost sinner in this passage.

B) She was suffering (vs 26)

1) Physically (all day - every day; wake up with it, go to bed with it)

2) Socially (no marriage, maybe divorced, no job, a beggar, scum of society)

3) Financially ("spent all she had"

4) Religiously (Levitical law declared her "unclean")

C) She was saddened (v26 "was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse")
Dr. Morality, Dr. Religion, Dr. Do Better, Dr. Reformation had not helped
her. She had no remedy, hope, peace, joy, quality of life. She was
destined to die in that condition. Doomed to the grave. Like the sinner,
she had a body problem and a blood problem.

vs 27 two words: "heard" and "came"

A) She Heard
She had heard a lot. Probably had been told of every flim flam artist
available. No results. But someone told her about HIM. She heard
that He was passing by. Hearing gives Hope.,

B) She Heeded ("came") she overcame her problem. She had the courage
of her convictions. She had:

1) A Cruse problem (she had been declared "unclean". No one could
touch her, or they would be unclean. Her curse doomed her to stay
where she was. But she overcame her curse problem.

2) A Crowd problem("came in the press behind") the crowd was
just "pressing in", but she wanted an audience with HIM.

C) She Hoped (vs 28 "if i may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole")
This was not a "I hope i make it" hope" or a "maybe" hope, or a "if I can
hand on" hope, this was a "faith hope'. The old song says:
"My faith is in nothing less, than Jesus Christ and His righteousness"


A) A Powerful Touch
(vs 29)

1) A Powerful Fact ("and straightway, the fountain of blood was dried up")
2) A Powerful Feeling ("and she felt in her body that she was healed  of that plague")
3) A Powerful Faith ("who touched my clothes") her faith was strong
enough to get the attention of Jesus

B) A Personal Touch (vs 30 "And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, who touched my clothes")

C) A Promising Touch (vs 34 "and he said unto her, daughter, thy faith
hath made thee whole, go in peace, and be whole of thy plague")

1) A New Relationship ("daughter") no longer an outcast, in the family
2) A New life ("thy faith hath made thee whole") the rest of her life, she
would be asked, "Aren't you the woman who had the issue of blood"
She would answer, "Yes, but let me tell you about Him"
3) A New Freedom ("go in peace, and be whole of thy plague")
cured once and for all. First time peace had reigned in her heart.


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