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Title: This I Recall To Mind “The Faithfulness Of God

Text: Lamentations 3:21-26

Subject: Faithfulness

Theme: The Faithfulness Of God

Intro. : See Page Two For Background Of The Prophet Jeremiah.

Prop. : Every Christian Can Declare That God Is Faithful

Key Word: Truths

Tran. Stat.: Every Christian Can Declare That God Is Faithful. But In Order To Do So We Must Recall To Our Minds These Truths. Recall With Me This Morning Three Truths That Are Revealed Unto Us In This Passage.


The First Truth We See Is:


I. In His Compassion, God Is Faithful      Vs. 21-22a

    1. To Remind Us Of His Mercies             -           Lam. 3:21

    2. To Refresh Us In Our Misery              -           Lam. 3:1-22a

    3. To Revive Us On Our Mission             -           Lam. 3:22b

    Ill. = Testify About The Faithfulness Of God’s Compassion!

            The Song, “Through It All”

    App. = Are You Going Through It This Morning? If You Are, Let Me Remind You, “You Are GOING”. And You Are Going THROUGH


II. In His Character, God Is Faithful        Vs. 22b-23

    This Is Evident Because Of:

    1. The Presence Of God                -           Lam. 3:22b(His); Matt. 28:20; Heb. 13:5

    2. The Performance Of God          -           Lam. 3:23(great); Phil. 1:6; Eph. 3:20

    3. The Provision Of God                -           Lam. 3:23(Faithfulness) Phil. 4:19;

Ps. 37:25; Matt. 6:25-34

    Ill. = Testify About The Faithfulness Of God’s Character!

            The Song, “He’s Been Faithful”

    App. = Do You Recall The Faithfulness Of God’s Character? The Goodness Of God In Your Life, The Grace Of God In Your Life, The Mercy That God Has Imparted To You? Think About It!!! God Is Truly Faithful!!!


III. In His Commitment, God Is Faithful  Vs. 24-26     See: John 15:16a

    He’s Committed To:

    1. To Direct Me                 -           Lam. 3:2 

    2. To Develop Me              -           Lam. 3:21b, 24b (my hope) Gal. 2:20

    3. To Deliver Me               -           Lam. 3:26

    Ill. = Psalms 36:5; Psalms 34:15-22 Testify About The Faithfulness Of God’s Choice!

    App. = Where He Leads Will You Follow? Is He Your Life? Will You Wait Quietly For The Lord And Trust That In His Time That He Will Liberate You??


Conclusion:              God Is Faithful {2 Tim. 2:10-13}

And We Need To: Recall It To Mind.

Intro: The book of Lamentations is a series of dirges, or songs of mourning, that were written against the backdrop of the Babylonian invasion and destruction of Jerusalem.  In the verses of this book, we can see the awful sufferings endured by the people of that city at the hand of their enemies.  Still, even in the midst of all the pain and the turmoil, God had His man in Jerusalem to record the events and to bring honor to His Name.

      The writer of the book of Lamentations is believed to be Jeremiah.  He was known as the Weeping Prophet.  A study of Jeremiah’s life reveals a portrait of unending sadness and deep depression.  Allow me to give you some of the background for this precious man of God.

1.      Received an unwanted call to minister - Jer. 1:5-6.

2.      Called to a ministry of preaching nothing but judgment - Jer. 1:9-10.

3.      He was forbidden to marry so that he might give himself more fully to his ministry of proclaiming the impending judgment of God - Jer. 16:1-13.  As a result he was very familiar with loneliness.

4.       He was a man of deep sadness and he wept openly about the sins of his people - Jer. 9:1.

5.       He endured depression as the result of his message going unheeded for so long.  He even came to the point where he tried to get out of the            ministry, Jer. 20:9.  His pain is understandable, because in a ministry that spanned some 50 years, there is no records of even, one single convert.

6.      He suffered imprisonment by King Zedekiah because the king did not approve of Jeremiah’s preaching - Jer. 32:5.  Even while the Babylonians are invading the city in fulfillment of his prophet        declarations, Jeremiah is sitting in the dungeon - Jer. 32:2.

7.      After Jerusalem falls and many have been killed or taken captive, the prophet does not gloat or take an “I told you so” mentality.  Instead, he         becomes broken with the remnant and enters into suffering with them - Lamentations 1-5.

      After enduring a life like this; after being rejected, hated, mocked, imprisoned, ignored; after seeing his beloved Jerusalem ransacked, desecrated and destroyed; after experiencing the horror of war, the brutality of the enemy and the pangs of hunger, Jeremiah was still able to stand forth amid the rubble of the city and the bodies of the dead and lift his voice in praise to God for His great, unfailing faithfulness to His people. 

      How was this possible?  Despite his trials and his troubles, Jeremiah had gotten a good grasp on the reality of just Who God is!  Jeremiah knew that whether things went well, or whether everything fell apart, God would still be God and that God would be eternally faithful to His people, Ill. Lam. 3:21!  Jeremiah was still able to find hope in a hopeless situation because he believed in the faithfulness of His great God.

      Like Jeremiah, we all go through times when life seems to fall apart at the seams.  When these times come we also need the blessed assurance that God is faithful!  Thankfully the Bible gives overwhelming evidence of the unchanging faithfulness of our great God.  Ill. The word “Faithfulness” in verse 23. This is word which means “firmness, fidelity, steadiness, steadfastness.  This word pictures God as One upon Whom we can depend.  We can be sure that as we face the storms, trials and valleys of life, God will ever prove Himself to be steadfast and faithful to you and me.  To put it very simply, you can count on the Lord!


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